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Conference Presentations

Below are links to the presentations at the 2019 SETA Fall Conference in Savannah, GA. Is there a workshop missing that you need? Let SETA staff know which one and we will do our best to get it on here.


1 Complimentary Pre-Conference Session: “Successfully Serving Targeted Populations: Learn from the Experts” Laurie Iski


2 Opening Session: “Savannah Bananas Find Your Yellow Tux - How to Be Successful by Standing Out” Jesse Cole

Concurrent Workshops – 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

3 “Improving Outcomes through Comprehensive Assessments" Tressa Dorsey

4 “One Stop Operator Best Practices” Matt Fields & Jennifer Toole

5 "Serving the Private Sector Through Youth Pre-Apprenticeships" Jennifer Bane & Jon Dougherty

6 “Adjusting the Sails:  Navigating the Winds of Policy, Program, and Personnel Change” Dr. Dion Clark

7 “Transforming Virginia's Workforce System Through Professional Development” Yolanda Crewe & Carrie Yeats

8 “Making Job Seekers BEG for Soft Skills” MaryAnn Lawrence

9 “Uniform Guidance: Cost Principles and Cost Classification” Deborah Strama

10 “Your Advocate Next Door” Lucius McRunnels & Sonia Carruthers

Concurrent Workshop – 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM

11 "The One-Stop Operator” John Chamberlin

12 "Time For Oversight:  Improving WIOA, TANF, HEA” Robert Knight

13 "Putting a Positive Spin on Youth Development" Rick Record

14 “Integrating Business Services Across Partners” MaryAnn Lawrence

15 “Incorporating Financial Education and Bank Account Access into Workforce Programs” Elaine Hunter

16 “NAWDP Certification Program” David Barch

17 “Financial Management Policies & Procedures Plus Internal Controls” Deborah Strama

18 “On the MOVE: How to Bring Manufacturing Training to the People” Carol Rayburn Cofer


Concurrent Workshops – 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM

19 “WIOA and 2 CFR 200 Requirements” Macey Prince Swinson

20 "Board Governance:  Changing the Conversation” Ron Painter & Tom Kavanagh

21 "Integrated Veteran Services” Matthew Heaney

22 "Re-Thinking Re-Entry: Mindfully Meeting Outcomes" Tressa Dorsey

23 "Sector Partnership - Keeping it Simple" MaryAnn Lawrence

24 “Effective Outreach Strategies:  Letting Your Community Know You Are Here!” Kim Meadows & Olivia Wintz

25 “Implementing an Apprenticeship Program in Your Community - the 411 on Making it a Reality. Yes You Can Do It” William Kraus

26 “Who Are We Serving ... Our Customers' Needs or Our Own? Human Centered Design & Workforce Development Service Delivery” Lisa Davis & Sarah Flesher

Concurrent Workshops – 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

27 “WIOA and 2 CFR 200 Allowable Costs” Macey Prince Swinson

28 "Workforce System Governance" John Chamberlin

29 “Poverty Mobility Through Job Stability” Kristi King-Brock

30 "Strong Partnership with Education for Job Seeker Pipeline Success" Melissa Terbrueggen & Cindy Wadsworth

31 “Working Smarter and Not Harder in Maximizing Your Case Management Efforts” Rick Record

32 “Telling Your Story” Jane Oates

33 “Improving Two-Generation Outcomes for Young Parents and Their Children - An Updated and Follow-Up Session” Carlis Williams, Jeff Fredericks, and Alex Ruder

34 “Preparing the Manufacturing Workforce - Once Size DOESN'T Fit All” Keith Dixon, Kathleen Kosmmoski, Dr. Marty Waters, Howard Scott, Carol Rayburn Cofer, Andrea Griner, and Sid Jessup

Concurrent Workshops – 1:45 PM – 3:00 PM

35 "Overcoming Financial Reporting Difficulties" Macey Prince Swinson

ETA-9130 Basic

36 "Washington Update" Robert Knight & Ron Painter

37 “Project Management Fundamentals for Workforce, Economic Development Board Staff, and Accidental Project Managers” Eric Lewis

38 "Taking a "Grow Your Own Approach" to Workforce Development" Bobby Lamb

39 “Enhancing the Talent Pipeline Through An Advanced Manufacturing Pathway for Incarcerated Individuals” Jennifer Bane

40 “Aligning Program Design with Performance” Susan Oney

41 “A Case Study in Collaboration!” Carlis Williams, James Pasley, and Alex Ruder

42 “VECTR - GA Veterans Education Career Transition Resource Center” Patricia Ross & Ashlee McIver

Concurrent Workshops – 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

 43 "WIOA Cost Limitation Requirements" Macey Prince Swinson

44 "Promoting the Bottom Line Savings of Doing Business With Your Business Services” Rick Record

45 “The Best Youth Workforce Programs” John Chamberlin

46 “Eligibility vs. Suitability or How do Eligibility and Suitability Differ?” Carrie Lokey & Lisa Davis

47 “How Do I Balance the Future of Work and the Jobs Available Next Week?” Robert Knight

48 “Take 10! - Unleashing the Power of Partnerships in Gwinnett County, Georgia” Stephanie Rooks, Brenda Beverly, and Cher Brister

49 “Reentry Population Engagement” Curtis Campogni & Matt Fields

50 "Preparing Your Board to Deliver to Your Community" Les Range

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