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Conference Presentations

Below are links to the presentations at the 2020 SETA Spring Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. Is there a workshop missing that you need? Let SETA staff know which one and we will do our best to get it on here.


1 Complimentary Pre-Conference Session - "No Wrong Door: Alternative Models for Serving Individuals with Barriers to Employment" - Diana Goldwire, Dana Wood, and Rusty Denning


2 Opening Session “TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More (Diversity)” - Dr. Robert Lemon

Concurrent Workshops – 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

3 Work and the Workforce System in 2035 - John Chamberlin                                    

4 News from Washington - Robert Knght                                            

5 Behind Bars: A Workforce Fighting Addiction - Suzy Pruitt, Judge Chris Sockwell, Sheriff Bucky Rowland, and Jan McKeel

6 Less Talk, More Walk – Creating a Culture of Trust and Accountability - Josh Davies                                     

7 Strategic Partners: Resources to Connect Veterans to Registered Apprenticeship Utilizing the GI Bill and WIOA - Charlene Sumlin-Cross, Tony Marshall, and Kimberly Wheeler   

8 Budget Management & Grant Modifications - Laura Watson                                   

9 WIOA Performance Management Dashboards  - Jacob Chorey  

Concurrent Workshop – 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM

10 A New Playbook? Workforce Development in a Full Employment Economy - L. Bradley Williams and David K. Shinder                   

11 Assessments: So Much More Than Clicking a Box! - Susan Oney. Brian Jackson, and Ginger Brick     

12 Local Workforce Board Management - David Dietrichs                                            

13 Re-Thinking Re-Entry: Mindfully Meeting Outcomes - Tressa Dorsey                                 

14 How to Successfully Market the One-Stop System - Nithya Pramekumar                                         

15 Work Ethic: The Building Blocks of the 21st Century Workforce - Josh Davies                                

16 Uniform Guidance Overview - Laura Watson


Concurrent Workshops – 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM

17 WIOA Youth Services - John Chamberlin                                        

18 How Well is Your State Serving Veterans - Lane Dyer and Dr. Matthew Heaney                             

19 Ghost Busters: Improving Recruitments and Retention in the Age of Ghosting - Charles Botts, III             

20 EO Officer, Tag You’re It! Now What? - Hope Blakely, Kiki Murray, and Mose Dorsey   

21 Soft Skills Are Hard to Find! Assessing Soft Skills to Create Winning Job Seeker-Employer Matches - Shannon Jackson and Joel Domineck, Jr.                         

22 Sub-Recipient Management - Carol Andry-Hixon                                        

23 Innovative Business Solutions Strategies - Virtual Reality and Sector Partnerships - Johnnie-Lynn Crosby and Ryan Skinner

Concurrent Workshops – 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

24 Youth Engagement – The Untold Story - Solomon McAuley                                   

25 Sustainable Sources of Revenue for Career Pathways  - Nick Espinosa and Jenny Taylor                             

26 The Art of 3-D Presentations: Develop, Design and Deliver - Joseph L. Seymour III                                      

27 Critical Documents and Agreements for Local WIOA Management - David Dietrichs                                   

28 The Secrets of One-Stop Operations - Matt Fields and John Chamberlin                           

29 Audit and Audits Resolution - Carol Andry-Hixon                                        

30 All Work, and Yes, Play! Creating Interactive Workshops - Ann Skinner and Diana Goldwire                            

31 Workforce Boards: Leadership Opportunities and a List of Tasks - Robert Knight

Concurrent Workshops – 1:45 PM – 3:00 PM

32 Creating Strategic Community Partnerships for Youth Workforce Programs - Latanya Lowery                               

33 Local Elected Official and Workforce Board Responsibilities - John Chamberlin                                             

34 Exemplary One Stop Operations Best Practices - Dr. Markisha Butler                                

35 Beyond Race: Powerful Tools to Teach Social Justice!  - DJ Coles                                         

36 NAWDP Certification Program for Workforce Professionals - David Barch, CWDP                                        

37 Outreach Bootcamp - Shemeeka Johnson, Andrea Young, and Tyler Johnson   

38 Pieces to the Puzzle: Partnerships and Programs - Kerri Kellahan, Paris Singleton, and Eileen Patonay  

39 Financial Management: Procedures and Internal Controls - Mara Buchanan

Concurrent Workshops – 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

40 Growth of the Aging Workforce – Managing Challenges and Opportunities - L. Bradley Williams and David K. Shinder                   

41 Work and the Workforce System in 2035 - John Chamberlin                                  

42 Data-Driven Program Management - Tressa A. Dorsey                                            

43 WIOA Boot Camp: Implementing Successful Training Strategies Customized to Fit Local Needs - Adena Mitchel and Rosalind Cross                          

44 Workforce Boards: Key to an Effective Workforce Development System - Robert Knght                                            

45 The Art and Science of Five-Star Customer Service in the AJC - Joseph L. Seymour III                                 

46 What Works: How to Apply Best Practices in New Settings - Alex Ruder, Carlis Williams, Brittany Birken, and Winston Tompoe

47 Jumpstart to Success Youth Program - Melinda Hernandez and Karen Bedgood


48 Closing Session - “Hope, Fear, and The Secret Life of Bees: It Takes Just One to Make An Impact” - Eric Rowles and DJ Coles

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