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About SETA

The Southeastern Employment & Training Association provides professional opportunities for all workforce development partners.

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What We Do -

With a membership base of approximately 1,500, SETA promotes workforce excellence through these efforts:

  • Two major conferences each year; one in the spring, one in the fall
  • Best Practices in workforce development
  • Recent legislation and how it impacts the profession
  • Training and development
  • Networking with peers in the workforce development industry

 Why Be a Part of SETA?

  • Training & development
  • Benchmarking; learn ground-breaking strategies from peers
  • Network with frontline workforce professionals
  • Get a fresh look at workforce development
  • Build your professional network, your professional portfolio
  • Online membership directory
  • Online notices of member news
  • Bi-annual newsletters
  • Low-cost membership and conference registration

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