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Lexipol was founded in 2003 by Gordon Graham and Bruce Praet, attorneys and former law enforcement officers with extensive experience in risk management. They realized many law enforcement agencies lacked sound, up-to-date, legally defensible policies. This put the agency, their officers and the community at risk. To address this need, the Lexipol founders developed state-specific law enforcement policy manuals backed by daily training to reinforce policy understanding and use. They offered the policies online for easy access anytime, anywhere—and continuously monitored changes to federal and state laws, providing policy updates as needed.

In more than 15 years in business, Lexipol has expanded beyond law enforcement to also serve corrections facilities, probation agencies and fire departments in 35 states.

But their mission remains the same: To enhance the safety and effectiveness of the men and women who serve and protect our communities.


Lexipol provides policy support for 80 of the 87 Sheriff’s Offices in the state of Minnesota.


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