2021 MJPS Conference

Exhibitor Dates: October 18 & 19

Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge, Deerwood, Minnesota


Exhibitor Information


Click on links below for:

Exhibitor Fact Sheet

Set-up, raffle, sponsor and other important information.


Exhibitor Schedule

Dates, times and Minnesota ethics law



Exhibitor Registration Cost:





CLICK HERE (Link not yet available) or you may go directly to the MSA Events page to register.

You may pay with credit card or select “Mail My Check.”  Once your online registration is completed, you will receive two emails. 

1.  A confirmation email and

2.  Either a receipt for your credit card or an invoice to submit for payment so a check may be mailed in.  This is the only invoice you will receive.  

Online Registration is the MSA preferred registration method.

Exhibitor Contract with MSA in the online registration.  You will be asked if you agree with the rules ON PAGE 2 of the registration form.


Exhibitor Registration Form (to mail or fax to MSA.) (link not yet available)


SPONSORSHIP Opportunities:


Sponsorship Opportunities:

Tuesday Meet & Greet w/Vendors:  $350/each (2 available)

Breaks: $250/each (3 available)

Wed. Lunch: $500 (1 available)

Wed. Dinner: $500 (1 available)

Wed. Night Entertainment: $500 (1 available)

Thurs. Lunch: $500 (1 available)

For more information, please contact Tom at 651-451-7216, ext. 6 or twells@mnsheriffs.org.


Ruttgers Bay Lodge Resort Registration Form (Link not yet available.)



Rutgers Bay Lodge Resort is located in Deerwood, Minnesota.