PSAP 911 Training

PSAP Training Standards and Guidelines


In 2017, the Regional Communication Boards all developed and approved training standards or guidelines for their PSAP Personnel.  These standards were developed to ensure the public, in all areas of the state, receive the highest quality of service.


Many of the standards/guidelines are “soft skills” dealing with Interpersonal Communications.  These topics include active listening, communication and de-escalation techniques, customer service, diversity, stress management and many others.


The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association, through its online learning system, has many trainings on these topics available. 


CLICK HERE for a list of those 12 trainings, a summary of their content, and the POST credit hours that are available for each of the trainings.


These trainings are available at no charge to telecommunicators that work for Sheriff’s Offices.  For others, there is a $250 registration fee to take the entire 12 training, 22-hour module.


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