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Registering and Late Registration

Exams are only open to candidates who have been deemed eligible. Registering for the exam is a two-step process.

1)  Candidates must turn in a completed application form with application fee to NBHHC. (For detailed information regarding this step - please see “Application Policies and Procedures” section).

2)  Upon receiving notification of status, candidates should take the following next steps:

a. If candidate is deemed eligible, candidate will receive an approval confirmation letter via email. The approval confirmation letter will contain an examination registration form and an approval code. Please use this approval code to fill out your exam registration form and send to NBHHC along with the appropriate exam fee.

b. If candidate is deemed ineligible, candidate will need to resubmit another application form when they have met the necessary requirements.


Once NBHHC receives and processes the candidate’s exam fee, candidate will be notified via email of their confirmation with exam date and location.


Late Arrival for Registration

If a candidate arrives more than 15 minutes late, the candidate will be denied entrance to take the certification examination.  There are no refunds for late arrivals and no-shows. All fees will be forfeited.



Each candidate will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement form. All content, specifically questions, answers and diagrams of the certification exams are the proprietary and confidential property of NBHHC. They may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, shared, or distributed in anyway without the express written authorization of NBHHC. Candidates who sit for NBHHC certification exams must agree they have read and will abide by the terms and conditions of the NBHHC Certification and Confidentiality Agreement before beginning the certification exam. The agreement applies to all exams. Signing and adhering to this agreement is required to be officially certified and to maintain valid certification. Candidates must first accept the terms and conditions of the NBHHC Certification and Confidentiality Agreement during the registration process and again prior to testing. Failure to accept the terms of this Agreement will result in a terminated exam and forfeiture of the entire exam fee.




The registration process for an exam begins at 8:00 am. Candidates are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the designated start time (9:00 am). A roster check-off process would follow. If the candidate does not have sufficient ID (primary/secondary/or other materials), the candidate will be turned away.  Candidates are to provide two forms of valid ID, one primary with a photo and signature, one secondary with a signature.


The following IDs meet the primary ID requirements:

  • Government-issued driver’s license
  • State/national identification card
  • Passport*
  • Military ID*
  • Alien registration card (green card, permanent resident visa)
  • U.S. Passport card
  • U.S. Dept. of State Driver’s License

* The primary ID must contain a photo & signature unless the signature is embedded in the identification.  When this occurs candidate must present another form of signature identification from the primary or secondary list.


The following IDs meet the secondary ID requirements:

  • Any ID on the primary list
  • Social Security card
  • Credit/bank ATM card (signature required).


Note: At the time of registration, candidates will be given an Admission/ID Form containing their name and ID number that corresponds to the ID number on line they signed on the registration form. Candidates will be instructed to fill out the Admission/ID form with the mailing address they want NBHHC to use when mailing their score reports. IMPORTANT: Make sure that your handwriting is legible and clear and also make sure that the correct mailing address is written on the form.  Candidates will need to use the Admission Form containing their ID number for reference when filling out their answer sheets and will be instructed to return it with their exam materials.


Once signed in to the exam room, candidates will get an exam score sheet and booklet.

Candidates should NOT open their exam booklets until instructed by the exam supervisor. Once candidate enters the testing room, candidate may not leave until the exam has started.  Before the exam is administered, the exam proctor will review the rules to follow while the test is in progress.


No outside materials

Books, portfolios, pamphlets, notes or paper of any kind are strictly prohibited in the designated testing area. Cell phones, pagers, purse, and personal belongings should be placed in a designated area determined by the exam proctor and can be picked up once the candidate has finished the exam and leaves the room. NBHHC and exam proctors are not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings. Candidates who bring personal belongings into the testing room do so at their own risk.


Note: On-site examinations are paper-based and all candidates will be given a #2 pencil to use. You will not need any notepaper as you can write in your exam booklet.



Candidates will be allowed 2 hours to complete the examination. All certification exams contain 80-100 questions. There is no penalty for guessing on the examination. Candidates must make sure that all answers are marked on their answer sheet before turning in their materials. Candidates will be provided a comment form if they have questions regarding a particular question and will be given this form after they have finished the exam and turned in their answer sheet. There will not be any questions answered regarding interpretations of questions or defining of any words. If there are typographical errors, or the printing of words is not clear during the exam, the exam proctor may assist candidates with these issues only. Candidates are encouraged to answer all questions to the best of their abilities.


Filling out answer sheet

Although candidates may circle answers or mark in their exam books, please be advised that all answers must be entered in your answer sheet before time is called. No extra time is provided to transfer answers from your exam book to your answer sheet after time has been called. Also, please be advised that any question with more than one answer selection will be scored incorrect.


Smoking, Refreshments, Bathroom

No smoking or refreshments will be permitted during the examination.  Candidates may not place calls on their cell phone before they finish the exam.  Only one (1) candidate at a time will be allowed to use the restroom. Candidates can go to the restroom by a sign-in/sign out sheet administered by the exam proctor. There are no scheduled bathroom breaks during the exam. The exam is designed to be taken without interruptions. For instance, when a candidate is dismissed to use the restroom or get a drink of water, they must place their answer sheet inside the examination booklet and leave them there until they come back. Candidates are asked to take care of any personal needs before entering the examination room.



Candidates must be aware that any cheating, including talking, giving, or receiving any help, or copying or retaining any test questions will result in their exam papers confiscated and a score of zero assigned to them.  


Unallowed behavior

Candidates who conduct the following types of behavior will be dismissed from the test-taking venue and the scores will not be allowed. Examples of misconduct include, but are not limited to:

  • Using electronic communication equipment (e.g., PDAs, cell phones)
  • Giving or receiving help during the examination
  • Committing fraud by attempting to take the exam for someone else
  • Using notes or aids that are not allowed
  • Attempting to copy or remove test materials
  • Engaging in abusive, disturbing or uncooperative behavior.


Exam Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be made in writing. NBHHC reserves the right to deny refunds. Requests made in writing and submitted via mail, fax or email at least 30 calendar days prior to the day of the examination will be refunded the fee minus the cancellation fee ($99 for members, $199 for non-members). NBHHC cannot postpone registrations for the examination and/or transfer fees to future examinations. Candidates will not be able to change an examination location less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to a scheduled examination. Cancellations made less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the examination and no-shows on the day of the examination will result in forfeiture of the entire examination fee.


Exceptions to the Cancellation Policy: NBHHC recognizes that serious issues may arise that could prevent a candidate from canceling their registration within the timeframe prescribed above. There are four acceptable reasons for canceling from the exam less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the examination date:

  • Serious illness – either you or an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent, etc.)
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Court appearance or jury duty
  • Unexpected military duty call-up


A candidate who fails to appear for a scheduled examination due to one of the reasons listed above must submit the reason for failing to appear in writing to NBHHC within seven (7) calendar days following the scheduled examination date. The written request must be accompanied by meaningful documentation supporting the claim that the situation physically prevented the candidate from taking the examination on the scheduled date, at the scheduled examination location, through no fault on the part of the candidate.


Upon review of the written request and accompanying documentation, approved requests will be issued a refund less the applicable cancellation fee. NBHHC reserves the right to request further evidence to support the reason for failing to appear. If a reason is accepted, the candidate’s examination fee will be refunded via the original method of payment less the applicable cancellation fee. The candidate must re-register and re-pay the full examination fee for a future examination that occurs within the candidate’s remaining eligibility period.


Accommodations for Candidates with Disabilities and other Special Considerations

If you need an accommodation as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact NBHHC prior to the program at certification@nbhhc.org.


Rescheduling an Exam

Exam appointments can be rescheduled without penalty as long as it is done in writing 30 days before the exam date. If the request is received within 30 days of the exam date, all exam fees will be forfeited. Once the fees are forfeited, candidates must register for the exam and resubmit fees for a new exam appointment. Candidates who do not cancel their scheduled exam appointment risk forfeiting the applicable fees.




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