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The Benefits of Getting Certified
Home Care and Hospice Professionals who successfully pass the certification examinations will be certified by the National Board for Home Care and Hospice Certification (NBHHC®) and earn one of six credentials. Certified Professionals are in high demand for their ability to successfully position the provider agency.

Certified Professionals are considered elite leaders in the industry because they are able to:
  • Identify trends in health care and its impact
  • Build and coach a strong management team to successfully position their provider agency
  • Understand the essential elements of financial management and operating a budget
  • Understand ways to monitor and improve agency’s operational performance
  • Identify and minimize broad risks of liabilities
  • Understand corporate compliance programs
  • Identify new practices to integrate quality improvement, financial, operational, compliance and customer service goals

Successful completion of the certification exam demonstrates that the individual has attained a gold level knowledge of standards. Certification can also provide additional professional and personal recognition and reward of the individual’s knowledge and experience. Because the exams were developed by subject matter experts in the home care and hospice industry it specifically assesses the knowledge and skills of home care and hospice professionals, demonstrating their proficiency in their respective auspice and leadership level.

As the importance of successful positioning of provider agencies become, the need for effective management increases. Those individual that demonstrates leadership and administrates proficiency will significantly increase the value they bring to their agencies. Certified individuals are generally more highly compensated and receive greater advancement opportunities. For job applicants, certification can provide a competitive advantage, and providers are increasingly requiring certification as a condition of employment.


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