Getting Involved in AAP

AAP encourages all members to participate in the organization's activities. There are many ways you can become involved as an AAP member, from participating in a Caucus to serving on a committee to composing an article for the newsletter. The information below provides more detailed information.

Call for Volunteers is Open! 

Contact Lisa Hedrick in the AAP Executive Office, or 770.222.2265 to express your interest.

The current committees and task forces are:

Annual Meeting Program Committee
Charged with designing a comprehensive educational experience including plenary, concurrent, and poster sessions using evaluation and needs assessment data, educational abstract submissions, and knowledge of current issues.

Annual Meeting Master Educator Program Subcommittee

Charged with designing the Master Educator Program, an ongoing three-year series of educational workshops that provides psychiatric educators the additional skills needed to be effective leaders in health professional education in psychiatry.

Annual Meeting Workshop Selection Subcommittee

Charged with reviewing, assessing, and selecting workshop abstracts for presentation during the AAP Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Poster Subcommittee

Charged with reviewing, assessing, and determining poster award winners.

Annual Meeting Works-in-Progress (WIPs) Subcommittee

Charged with reviewing, assessing, and selecting WIP abstracts for presentation during the AAP Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Subcommittee

Charged with promoting the AAP Annual Meeting to local departments, coordinating efforts with AAP staff to secure Annual Meeting Night Out location, and contributing to location blog (e.g., restaurants, activities, etc.).

Awards Committee
Charged with reviewing, assessing and selecting recipients for Psychiatric Education Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Roberts Award.

Career Development Committee

Charged with reviewing, assessing, and determining Career Development Award (formally known as the Jr. Faculty Award) winners. The committee also coordinates and implements the AAP Annual Meeting mentor/mentee activities.

Fellows and Residency Training Committee

Charged with reviewing, assessing, and determining Fellow Award winners. The committee also works closely with the Career Development Committee by participating in joint annual meeting activities and serving as annual meeting mentors.

Nominating Committee
Charged with reviewing nominations and selecting candidates for
election to offices and positions in AAP.

Membership Committee
Charged with reviewing membership recruitment and retention strategies, appointment of Distinguished Fellows, and coordination of first-timer Annual Assembly activities. The committee supports a diverse and inclusive membership.

Communications Task Force

Charged with creating a comprehensive vision for all AAP communications. The Task Force will review current internal (within the membership) and external communications (annual meeting – members, non-members) and consider multiple expansion options (e.g., education portal, volunteer database, feedback venue).


Career Development Task Force

Charged with creating a comprehensive vision for AAP career development activities, including events held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and potential expansion to year-round.

Additional Opportunities

Write an Article
A great way to get involved in AAP is to write an article for the AAP Bulletin newsletter. AAP welcomes articles written by members in all areas of academic psychiatry.

Submit an Abstract for the Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting Program Committee issues a call for workshop, media, works-in-progress, and poster proposals for the Annual Meeting. The call is issued in December. Watch the AAP home page, for more information and submission directions.

Serve as an Annual Meeting Mentor

Mentors are available during the  AAP Annual Meeting to discuss a variety of topics, including academic careers for clinician-educators, educational research, manuscript preparation, job searches, CV building and grant funding. Mentors agree to meet with mentees formally during the Annual Meeting CV Boot Camp, Mentor Breakfast, and opening session, as well as informally throughout the Annual Meeting.


Serve as an Annual Meeting Feedback/Educational Consultant

Educational consultants are trained to provide meaningful and actionable feedback to annual meeting workshop and media presenters about the structure, materials, and teaching methods (not content) used in their presentations.

Participate in a Caucus
Annual Meeting Caucus meetings provide a forum for interested members to discuss topics of common interest.