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AAP Bulletin Summer 2017

What We're Reading; What We're Writing

Marika I. Wrzosek, MD, 8/9/2017

Welcome to a new segment that will showcase what our members read and find fascinating (a la book review sort of format), as well what new and exciting things they have published. 

I am thrilled that our first installment of “What We’re Writing” is from one of AAP’s original members, Don R. Lipsitt from Harvard Medical School. According to the author himself as well as the publisher’s announcement, Don’s book Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry: The Bumpy Road to Specialization covers the histories of both consultation liaison psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine, as well as dealing with the debate over the specialty name.  As noted in the release, “the book draws on contributions from philosophy, physiology, psychoanalysis, epidemiology and other disciplines to define the broad scope of the field. Distinctions and similarities between Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine will be of interest to psychiatrists, social workers, and health psychologists, as well as students, residents, and fellows pursuing careers in these disciplines.”

If you have ideas for “What We’re Writing,” please email Lisa Hedrick with your work’s name and description.  While we cannot endorse any specific book, we can certainly highlight the important works our colleagues bring from inception to completion – you just have to let us know that a title has been released.  Ideas for “What We’re Reading” continue to be welcomed, just email us!

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