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NAACCR's Training Fund focuses on current training programs that benefit our members. The Training Fund is designed to develop and offer up-to-date training opportunities to members and cancer surveillance professionals.

Individuals may offer charitable gifts to NAACCR by making a one-time contribution or ongoing donations. The donation qualifies as a U.S. tax deduction. Individuals outside the United States should consult their country’s tax code. This is a simple and effective way to support NAACCR, Inc. today.

The NAACCR Gifts, Donations, and Bequest Fund assists NAACCR in fulfilling its mission. Donations allow NAACCR to meet the needs of its members through fiscal stability and programming initiatives. NAACCR and its members are eternally grateful to individuals who assist us in securing NAACCR and our initiatives for decades to come.

Thank you for considering a donation.

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