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Merchandise Details
E-Course: LGBTQ+ Topics Explored
Sorry for the inconvenience, this item is no longer available.

Member Price$100.00
Non-Member Price$150.00
Merchandise Description
  • Cost: $150 - includes 5 CMTE credits.
  • Discounted price for current AMTA members: $100 - includes 5 CMTE credits.

This AMTA E-Course covers several topics including terms and definitions, an overview of the 2012 study: Music therapists’ attitudes and actions regarding the LGBTQ community: A preliminary report, information about intersectionality and straight privilege, information on gender and transgender issues, LGBTQ+ history, LGBTQ+ musicians, ethics and LGBTQ+ ally development, and an overview of the 2012 publication: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning: Best practices in music therapy. Each chapter has an audio segment accompanied by a written chapter. The appendices section includes information about symbols, a document about heterosexual privilege, an ally self-assessment, the gender unicorn file, and other resources. Speakers in this e-course are Amy Donnenwerth, MA, MT-BC, Spencer Hardy, MM, MT-BC, Lisa Kynvi, MA, LMHC, MT-BC, Leah Oswanski, MA, LPC, MT-BC, Beth Robinson, MT-BC, and Annette Whitehead-Pleaux, MA, MT-BC.  Publish date: August, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Objective 1: Participants will write 2 specific points discussed in each of nine chapters in this e-course. (II. A.1-2, III.B.3, IV.A.3, IV.B.4).
  • Objective 2: Participants will write 5 points describing health disparities and discrimination for the spectrum transgender clients, and will write 5 points for a music therapist to consider when working with transgender clients. (I.D.9, II. A.1-2, IV.A.1-7, V.B.4).
  • Objective 3: Participants will describe five points for a music therapist to consider when being an ally who advocates for LGBTQ+ clients, families, students and co-workers (II. A.1-2, IV.A.1-7).
  • Objective 4: Based on information in Chapter 9 of the e-course, participants will list two recommended clinical best practices, two recommended work environment best practices, and two best practices for education and clinical training in music therapy for LGBTQ+ clients and colleagues. (I.D.9, II.A.1-2).

Once you purchase this item, you must download the e-course workbook with instructions and links for listening to or watching the course. Go to the AMTA website and log in on the left side using the QuickLink, “My Account>Login.”  After logging into your AMTA online account with your primary email and password, go to the top tab “My Transactions,” and the “My Downloadable Products” link, then click on the item to open it. Save to your local computer.  This purchase will remain available in your account for one year from the purchase date.

Note: The cost of each e-course purchase entitles one individual to participate in and complete the e-course for CMTE credit. If a course is being purchased for multiple individuals, it must be purchased separately for each participant. Please email the national office if you are purchasing a course for someone other than yourself so credit can be applied to that person's record.


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