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The Sandy Schwartz SMDM Young Scholars Award
A new award in honor of the incredible work, mentorship, and friendship that Sandy provided to SMDM members and the health policy research community over the course of his career.
Support for SMDM's Goals Fund
Your gift will be used to support the programs and services SMDM undertakes to further our goals of promoting medical decision making principles to new audiences and throughout the world.

Lee B. Lusted Student Prize Fund
The Lee B. Lusted Student Prize Fund recognizes and supports 10 young decision makers for outstanding presentations of research at SMDM meetings each year.

SMDM Dependent Care Fund
The SMDM Dependent Care Fund supports meeting attendees who need assistance with child, elder, or partner care ("dependent care") in order to fully attend SMDM meetings.

LMIC and Trainee Scholarship Fund
Your gift will help support trainees and those residing in Low- and Middle-Income Countries attend the SMDM Annual Meeting and receive one year of membership.