Yoga and Addiction Recovery - How Yoga Can Support and Enhance Recovery

May 12, 2021 03:00pm -
May 12, 2021 04:00pm

Event Description

Presented by Lori Freer, Wellness Coordinator at Hanley Origins Behavioral Healthcare

As Wellness Coordinator at Hanley Origins Behavioral Healthcare Lori is dedicated to education and inspiring individuals to integrate philosophies of yoga with principles of recovery to attain and maintain sobriety. This guidance enhances self-awareness, mind, body, breath and spiritual connection to support overall well-being, to not only survive but to THRIVE!  In this webinar Lori will offer her experience, strength and hope.  Her offering is supported by her education and expertise  in psychology, Dance and Movement therapy, Yoga therapy, Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) and training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Addiction / Dis-Ease Model

Addiction is a state of mind and body where individuals feel distant from ease. Aspects of yoga is a practice that can bring ease to the body-mind system
Y12Sr adopts the analogy that the human being is like a vessel that capsizes in active addiction.  In recovery our vessel is turned right side up.  The practices of yoga offer tools to embody the principles of  AA 12 step Recovery to create new foundation, release, set sail on spiritual voyage. These tools aid in bringing oneself into “Right Alignment.”  Explanation of 12 steps related to recovery.

Addiction is fueled by a sense of lack: Yoga counters this
Explanation of Yamas and Niyamas related to addiction recovery.
Addiction is a Disease of disconnection and isolation. Yoga by its very nature fosters Union of Mind Body Breath and connection of Individual Self to Higher Self (God/Higher Power).

The Issues Live In Our Tissues
Addiction has its roots in trauma, any event that leaves unprocessed negative emotional energy stuck in mind-body system.  Yoga practices help to detoxify and rebuild systems of the body as well patterns of thought.

Addiction causes Fluctuations of the Mind/Yoga calms fluctuations of the Mind
Explanation and examples of principles and practices of yoga to calm fluctuations of the mind.

Practicing Yoga Naturally enhances mood, elicits endorphins and expands consciousness


Mini Mindful Movement, Breath Work and Guided Meditation

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