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Top 5 reasons to Join AIM!

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1.  Successful State Lobbying

2.  Important Information and Networking

3.  Continuing Education Opportunities

4.  Cost-Saving Members-Only Benefits

5.  Problem Solving and Support


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 1.  We have provided over ninety years of successful state lobbying and pro-business advocacy.  Currently, we have the largest and most experienced lobbying team in Missouri.  AIM has been a leader in reforming and writing laws that help Missouri businesses in the following areas:                

            ~Workers Compensation Law        ~Unemployment Law 

            ~Tort Reform                                  ~Taxation 

            ~Regulation                                    ~Environmental Law   

            ~Economic Development               ~Labor Law   

2.   Our members are kept up-to-date with important business information through a variety of media including: 

            ~www.aimo.com (free updated weekly)  

            ~E-Voice (free weekly e-newsletter) 

            ~Monday Morning Legislative Webinars (free weekly during session) 

            ~Your Voice (free tri-annual magazine) 

            ~ Wage & Salary Surveys (for sale annually or every other year) 

            ~Members-Only Manufacturing Best Practice Tours (quarterly by region)

            ~Members-Only Meet-n-Greets with State Governmental Leaders (periodic)

3.  We provide our members with many continuing education opportunities through our various conferences and seminars including AIM's Annual Tax Conference and regional seminars on a variety of topics.

4.  Members have access to cost saving discounts and additional services for heath, life, and supplemental insurance programs; insurance assessment services; retirement solutions; safety products program; office supplies; business training; Go-To-Meeting, Go-To-Webinar, and Go-To-My-PC; environmental clean-up solutions; and shipping programs (Check out our Service Corporation programs HERE).  We are constantly evaluating new ways to save our members money, so in time, this list will grow. 

5.  Our members have access to support from AIM staff members Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST.  We are here to help you find the answers to your business questions so you don’t have to waste valuable time and resources.

Click HERE to Join Today!