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AIM Legislative Policy

Governor Nixon Legislative Actions

Nathan Dampf, AIM Director of Communications, 7/21/2011

Governor Nixon's 2011 Legislative Actions

(Bills in numerical order)

Bill #

Bill Sponsor


Governor Nixon’s Action


Rep. Denny Hoskins

Changes the laws regarding the Big Government Get Off My Back Act which provides an income tax deduction for certain small businesses that create new full-time jobs

Signed (July 8, 2011)


Rep. Ellen Brandom

Requires certain applicants for and recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program benefits to be tested for illegal drug use and the benefit card to include a photo of the recipient or payee

Signed (July 12, 2011)


Rep. Darrell Pollock

Changes the laws regarding deposits into the State Park Earnings Fund, notice requirements of the Clean Water Commission, and certain water pollution control fees

Signed (July 11, 2011)


Rep. Tom Loehner

Allows any winery, distiller, manufacturer, wholesaler, or brewer or designated employee to provide beverage samples on certain licensed retail premises for tasting purposes

Signed (July 8, 2011)


Rep. David Day

Allows the spouse of certain active military members to be eligible for unemployment benefits and to receive a temporary courtesy license to practice his or her occupation or profession in this state

Signed (July 14, 2011)


Rep. Barney Fisher

Changes the laws regarding unemployment compensation in order to receive federal funds

Signed (April 13, 2011)


Rep. John Diehl

Changes the composition of Congressional districts based on the 2010 census

Vetoed (April 30, 2011); General Assembly override (May 4, 2011)


Rep. Cole McNary

Combines and modifies the provisions of the Revised Statutes of Missouri that have been enacted in more than one bill so that there is only one version of a statute

Signed (July 5, 2011)


Rep. Eric Burlison

Authorizes Missouri to adopt the provisions of the Health Care Compact to improve health care policy by returning the authority to regulate health care to the state legislatures

Allowed to go into effect


Rep. Eric Burlison

Several transportation provisions including access to city streets for commercial traffic

Vetoed (July 8, 2011)


Rep. Cole McNary

Eliminates, combines, and revises certain state boards, commissions, committees, and councils; and changes the laws regarding articles of incorporation by business entities

Signed (July 11, 2011)


Sen. Bill Stouffer

Establishes photo identification requirements for voting and requirements for advance voting

Vetoed (June 17, 2011)


Sen. Eric Schmitt

Phases-out the corporate franchise tax over a five year period

Signed (April 26, 2011)


Sen. Dan Brown

Classifies sawmills and planing mills as agricultural and horticultural property for tax purposes

Signed (July 13, 2011)


Sen. Rob Schaaf

Modifies provisions relating to health care providers, including transparency provisions and some FRA extensions

Signed (June 10, 2011)


Sen. Rob Mayer

Authorizes the issuance of subpoenas for the production of records by the General Assembly

Signed (June 17, 2011)


Sen. Kurt Schaefer

Modifies provisions pertaining to environmental protection

Signed (June 22, 2011)


Sen. Brad Lager

Modifies the law relating to the Missouri Human Rights Act and employment discrimination

Vetoed (April 29, 2011)