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Cap-and-Trade Letter (Federal)

Associated Industries of Missouri
3234 W. Truman Blvd.
Jefferson City, MO 65109


The Honorable {Insert name of your Congressional Representative/Senator};




Missouri employers, and the rest of the United States’ employers, will take jobs where it is cheapest to do business. It is with this thought in mind that I write to express my opposition to federal “Cap-and-Trade” provisions being discussed in our nation’s capital.


The United States was founded as a Representative Democracy. I urge you to represent your constituency when voting against these environmental provisions that will increase costs and encourage our businesses to move to other countries taking our jobs with them. China has enacted no such provision, thus the U.S. will continue to lose jobs and the production of goods to other countries.


The businesses of Missouri and the United States already face financial hardship. Our government should not force increased environmental regulation on those businesses that are providing jobs to working Americans. This nation-wide provision will force costs on businesses around the nation not only from the cost of additional credits, but equipment upgrades and compliance costs, as well as higher utility bills. Businesses will be forced to make cuts in productivity or workforce.


Missouri has had success in the past by implementing programs which encourage self-regulation or compliance. It would be more fitting for our federal legislators to enact similar legislation to encourage self-regulation as opposed to punishing business.


I highly encourage you to support the businesses and constituents of Missouri by voting against cap-and-trade regulation. Missourians want to work! A vote for cap-and-trade prevents their ability to do so.


Thank you,




(Your Name)