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Bibliotherapy and its Potential in Public Libraries
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Bibliotherapy and its Potential in Public Libraries


About This Session:

Bibliotherapy is a therapy modality that involves storytelling or reading with the purpose of healing. This webinar will explore Bibliotherapy: what it is, who is using it, how it is developing, its potential and relevance to public librarianship in Canada (with a focus on youth services), what it might look like in practice, and what tools/support might be needed to stimulate and bolster its practice in public libraries.

Learning Goals:

- An understanding and awareness of Bibliotherapy

- Exposure to resources to guide self-training

- Building an informal network to develop this practice with other librarians

- Grasping the language to facilitate discussion of the practice and its potential at your library.

About the Presenter:

Brandon is Youth Services Librarian at Idea Exchange in Cambridge, Ontario. Idea Exchange administers Cambridge's public libraries, galleries, and design spaces. Brandon is an alumnus of the iSchool at the University of Toronto, Lakehead University, and the University of Guelph. Brandon first recognized the potential of Bibliotherapy at the University of Toronto and was frustrated at the underdeveloped nature of this area of librarianship. This webinar is a step toward redressing this



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