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PEARL Reconditioning Standards Revision 6
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PEARL Reconditioning Standards

Its purpose is to provide inspection, cleaning, reconditioning, testing and documentation instructions that, when followed by trained technicians, will return electrical devices to "as good as new" condition without compromise.

Electrical devices that pass the PEARL Reconditioning Standards are then ready for installation and service and will benefit from extended service life and reliability.

blue PEARL Quality Seal is afixed to electrical devices that have passed PEARL Reconditioning StandardsPEARL member companies affix the blue PEARL Reconditioned Seal to electrical equipment that has passed the PEARL Reconditioning Standards.


PEARL announced the release of revision 6 of the association's Reconditioning Standards for the most common types of industrial and commercial electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, transformers, motor controls, and switchgear, among other equipment categories. Highlighted changes from revision 6 of PEARL's Reconditioning Standards include additional detail regarding suggested technician qualifications and the importance of manufacturer specifications for equipment performance, as well as expanded use of electrical industry terminology used by other electrical industry organizations, including IEEE and NETA.

PEARL is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer