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Harm Reduction for High-Risk Adolescent Substance Abusers
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Purchase NASW Virginia Presenter Maurice Fisher's book, Harm Reduction for High-Risk Adolescent Substance Abusers, for pickup on-site at Dr. Fisher's training on October 28 in Martinsville, VA. Dr. Fisher will be presenting on harm reductive techniques with high risk adults and adolescents having substance use disorders at the New College Institute. Attendees will receive 6 Category I Contact Hours and further details can be found on the registration page. Click here to register.


Harm Reduction for High-Risk Adolescent Substance Abusers is also available for purchase with shipping included, for those who cannot attend the training or wish to obtain a copy on its' own. Please select the drop-down option above for "delivery via mail, includes shipping" and provide your shipping address in the fields provided below. Please Note: the option for on-site pickup is only available for training attendees. To receive the book by mail, you must select the option with shipping fees included, prior to adding the item to your shopping cart. Failure to select the correct option may result in non-delivery.


In Harm Reduction for High-Risk Adolescent Substance Abusers, Maurice S. Fisher, Sr. shares his experience of helping adolescent clients take charge of their life after negative consequences of substance use or abuse, and empowering young men and women to make better choices and minimize risky behaviors, using harm reductive methods. Harm reductive methods are used for adolescents who are at higher risk for aggression and violence during three phases: while obtaining the drugs, during active use, and during withdrawal from the substances. Fisher explains harm reduction as an evidence-based method that concentrates on behavior modification and refrains from making moral judgments. He recognizes abstinence-only programs as unrealistic, moral value–laden frameworks based on dishonesty and simplification. It is not the substance use, but rather the physical, psychosocial, emotional, and often legal consequences of use that lead to terrible consequences among adolescents.


Harm Reduction for High-Risk Adolescent Substance Abusers provides the research, discussion, and specific clinical techniques that can be used in private practices. Cognitive–behavioral therapy and skill development, psychoeducational and interpersonal skills, anger management, and support group therapies are discussed, as are ethical issues that may come up in practice. The book serves as a good resource for therapists, counselors, and clinicians to help adolescents who have lost control and are signaling for help to get their life back on track and grow into adulthood as successful members of society.

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