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CGBP Exam Study Pack: 4 Domains
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This document consists of content which is aligned with the four domains – Global Management, Global Marketing, Global Supply Chain and Trade Finance - found with the CGBP Practice Delineation. These domain summaries are intended to serve as a CGBP Exam Preparation supplement, with content that addresses all of the knowledge statements found in the CGBP Practice Delineation document.

Note that this document is not intended to serve as standalone study guides. Rather, it is best used as a supplement to augment training or other resources that can more fully speak to the task statements that are found in the CGBP Practice Delineation. The study guide content has been designed to ensure that those who are planning to sit the CGBP exam have an appreciation for the full scope of the resources, references, and content that is described within the CGBP Practice Delineation document. If you are planning to sit the CGBP, we hope that you find this aggregate study guide helpful.