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AS95-521D Plenary Session: Perspectives on Quality: What to Measure
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Author: Moderator: Dorothy Griffiths, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Child Studies, Brock University, Canada. Panel: Dick Sobsey, R.N., Ed.D., Professor, Department of Education Psychology, University of Alberta Developmental Disabilities Centre, Canada. Panel: Terrence McNelis, M.P.A., Associate Director, B.A.R.C., Pennsylvania, USA. Topic: RESIDENTIAL CARE: Dorothy Griffiths, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Department of Child Studies, Brock University, Ontario, Canada. Topic: BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTION. Donna Nagy McNelis, Ph.D., Medical College of Pennsylvania, and Hahnemann University, Pennsylvania, USA.


Topic: COMMUNITY TRAINING: Community based programs have been besieged with attempts to investigate and assure quality. Historically, this has been done through monitored compliance to rigorous regulations. Were these inspections measuring quality or merely adherence to a separate standard? Recently there has been recognition that consumer satisfaction is the major component in the measurement of quality in community settings. This represents a shift from compliance based evaluation to outcome based quality design. The participants will explore this new design and identify contemporary standards and related issues.

Produced 1995