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R97-667C-Early Multidisciplinary Intervention Prog in Children With Down Syndrome &Their of in ...
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Author: G. Albertini, Neurologist, Director; G. Biondi, Psychologist, Child Development Center, Rome, Istituo di Ricerca Scientifica Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesu', Santa Marinella, Rome, Italy


In the first part of this presentation we present a literature review of this subject (early intervention) while in the second part we present an experiment program research focused on a multidisciplinary early intervention program. We have pointed our attention not only to early education but also to the emotional aspects of the child development and to the special needs of the families in a very important and difficult period. An analysis of this experience may be interesting in the perspective of promotion of Mental Health in children with Mental Retardation, considering that in literature many programs of early intervention are focused only to the improvement of functional and cognitive development. The presentation presents the preliminary results of an early interdisciplinary intervention program for children with Down Syndrome and their families. In this research we have evaluated medical aspects, children's developmental variables and families' characteristics variables and we are realizing a follow-up study to verify the future evolution of the child and, if it is possible to adapt intervention strategies to these aspects.

Produced 1997