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DA08-1108C-Top Ten Things to Remember about Individuals with ID and MH Disorders
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Author: Lauren R. Charlot, PhD


In this presentation, critical factors affecting the accurate diagnosis of psychiatric disorders in people with ID will be reviewed. Included among these are: the manner in which one’s developmental profile might impact on the clinical features of a psychiatric disorder; challenges in conducting a usual mental health evaluation of a person with ID; medical problems and medication side effects that may provoke or worsen alterations in mood, mental status or behavior; the ubiquitous nature of aggression and other challenging behaviors in patients with ID referred for psychiatric evaluation; disorders that may be over-diagnosed and problems which may be under-recognized. The importance of considering the effects of stress and change on mood and behavior are also emphasized with some discussion of how newer, positive behavioral assessment and treatment approaches can help to guide multimodal treatment of individuals with ID and psychiatric disorder.

Produced in 2008