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2016 Virtual Fall Workshop Recordings & Materials (Recording)
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NACBA at Sea; Now on Land @ Your Computer
So you missed the NACBA Cruise?
So did we but here is your chance to catch up!


DATE: Friday, December 9, 2016 & Friday, December 16, 2016

Schedule conflict? No worries at all.
Register by 12/8/16 and the recordings will be emailed to you upon request.

TIME: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EASTERN

COST: $99 NACBA Members, $199 Non Members

INCLUDES: All Materials, Certificate of Attendance, Seminar Recordings, Live Q&A

instantevidenceBONUS: The first 100 people to register will receive, at no additional cost, a copy of NCLC’s Quick Guide to Federal Evidence and Objections (value $35). An essential practice tool for federal (and even state) court litigation, facilitating objection by rule number, and including common objections and motions at every stage of a case — all in only 21 pages.


BONUS PART 2: All attendees will be registered for a chance at winning 1 of 10 NCLC Consumer Bankruptcy Law & Practice 2016 Eleventh Edition (value $140). NACBA will be giving away ten (10) copies, at random, of the NCLC Consumer Bankruptcy Law & Practice 2016 Eleventh Edition.

(12/9/16, 12:00 PM Est. – 12:30 PM Est.)
The Cutting Edge: Hot Topics and Cool Trends
Presented by: Tara Twomey, Esq.

Tara will plumb the depths of current consumer bankruptcy issues identified by NCBRC, NACBA’s amicus project including the latest on the McCoy rule, the application of judicial estoppel to unlisted claims, the dischargeability of restitution and court debt, debt for dirt (paying claims with property of the estate), vesting, and more.

(12/9/16, 12:30 PM Est. – 1:30 PM Est.)
Even Cruisers Have Fears: Getting Over Your Triskaidekaphobia!
Straight talk about Chapter 13
Presented by: Hank Hildebrand Esq. & John Rao, Esq.

Learn how to build a Chapter 13 practice. Plus learn recent developments in Chapter 13, creative uses of chapter 13 plans and creative plan terms, how to successfully litigate confirmation issues, when to challenge your Trustee and more.

(12/9/16, 1:30 PM Est. – 2:30 PM Est.)
Dry Docking Aggressive Trustees: Getting the Overreaching Chapter 7 Trustee Out of the Water and on to the Shore!
Presented by: Richard H. Nemeth, Esq. & Paul Maschmeyer Esq.

Are your clients being subject to out of line requests and turnover actions by overbearing Trustees? We will discuss methods of dealing with these actions including responding to information requests, use of extensions of time to object to requests by the Trustee and how to use the political system to help your client. Learn how to defend turnover of mass tort awards and college tuition fraudulent conveyance litigation, and how to exclude inherited IRA from property of the estate (In re Clark). Stop requests to turn over convenience accounts and use secured creditor carve outs to help your client, not hurt them, and much more.

(12/9/16, 2:30 PM Est. – 3:30 PM Est.)
Find a Treasure Trove of Consumer Law Violations in your Bankruptcy Treasure Chest: Fair Debt, Credit Reporting, Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Booty awaits!
Presented by: Cary Flitter, Esq.

Consumer law violations are common problems for debtors and can be filed in bankruptcy court or district court. Most provide statutory attorney fees. Philadelphia consumer lawyer Cary Flitter will help you to triage your cases.

(12/16/16, 12:00 PM Est. – 1:00 PM Est.)
Sailing the Supreme Court Seas:
The Top Supreme Court Consumer Bankruptcy Decisions

Presented by: Tara Twomey, Esq. & Henry Sommer, Esq.

It may not be the best court, but it’s the highest court and it is the last word for sailors of the bankruptcy globe. The panel will navigate the Court’s decisions on important consumer bankruptcy issues, including, exemptions, dischargeability, claims, discrimination, chapter 13 plans, lien stripping, and more.

(12/16/16, 1:00 PM Est. – 2:00 PM Est.)
Anchoring your Divorce and Bankruptcy Practice: 
There’s a Hole in My Boat! The Stay Doesn’t Stay Everything
Presented by: Hon. Sandy Karlan (Ret.) & Ian Falcone Esq.

  • Keep it above board. Reviewing divorce forms to protect your client from committing bankruptcy fraud.
  • Over a Barrel: Dischargeability Issues
  • Any port in a storm: Who determines whether an award is a dischargeable?
  • Dead Reckoning: What determines whether an award is dischargeable?
  • Give me some slack: Learn the importance of language contained in the divorce decree
  • Batten down the hatches: Protecting attorney’s fees in discharge proceedings.

(12/16/16, 2:00 PM Est. – 3:00 PM Est.)
Chasing the Elusive White Whale:
Harpooning the Current Mortgage Issues You Have to Know

Presented by: Max Gardner, Esq. & John Rao, Esq.

Max and John will bring you up to date on loan modifications in and outside of bankruptcy, post-bankruptcy collection abuses after final cure, the new proof of claim attachment, catching servicers who misapply chapter 13 payments, new servicing regulations on monthly statements for debtors in bankruptcy, and more.


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