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Intensive Primer for Attorneys Entering and/or Returning to Practice of Bankruptcy Law (RECORDING)
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Intensive Primer for Attorneys Entering and/or Returning to the Practice of Bankruptcy Law (RECORDING)

Presenters:  Rachel Foley, Mike Gouveia, Kara Gendron, Gene Melchionne and Jim Haller

RECORDED ON:  Date:  October 22, 2020

Time:  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern

$199 Member / $300 Non Member

Our expert panel will review the following

Part 1 Introduction to Bankruptcy Law

            Section A:  Who, What, Why, Where and When

            Section B:  What laws govern bankruptcy?

            Section C:  What are the different parties in bankruptcy?

            Section D:  What are the benefits of filing bankruptcy and generally how does it work?

            Section E:  Classifications of different types of debt.

Part 2 Consumer Bankruptcies

            Section A:  Summary

            Section B:  Chapter 7

            Section C:  Chapter 13

            Section D:  Chapter 11

Part 3 The bankruptcy estate

Part 4 Exemptions

Part 5  The 341 meeting

Part 6  The bankruptcy discharge

Part 7  Enforcing the discharge order

Part 8  Top 20 Supreme Court bankruptcy cases you must know

Part 9  Putting it together, start seeing client

            Section A:  How are you going to get paid?

            Section B:  Initial client contact

            Section C:   Pre-filing consideration, should you take the case?

            Section D:  The client hired you, now what?

Part 10  Firm administration, expansion and profitability

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