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1st Mem Under 500 Cases
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Dues Rate:
Member Price$250.00
New Member Price$250.00
Membership Description

This Membership category is limited to attorneys, except:

  • If the individual is an attorney who is engaged in the private practice of bankruptcy law, such attorney must not primarily represent creditors against consumer debtors in bankruptcy; and
  • If the individual is an attorney who is not personally engaged in the private practice of bankruptcy law, such attorney may not be affiliated with a law firm or legal employer that in bankruptcy matters primarily represents creditors against consumer debtors.

All NACBA memberships are subject to the membership pledge:

I have read the Membership Eligibility Criteria and hereby affirm that I meet the Membership Eligibility Criteria. I agree to support the objectives of the corporation. I understand that the basic goals of the organization are to: (a) protect the rights of consumer bankruptcy debtors; (b) provide educational and networking opportunities for attorneys who primarily represent consumer bankruptcy debtors; and (c) educate policy makers regarding the needs of consumer bankruptcy debtors. I understand that a portion of my dues will not be deductible as a business expense because NACBA advocates for legislation on behalf of consumer debtors.


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Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:5/12/2021Referred By:5/11/2022

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