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All MVPA memberships include SIX History in Motion magazines per year, Junior members excluded

Canadian Mbrshp Economy Air Mail 1-Year
Member Price$59.00
New Member Price$59.00
Membership Description


1-Year Canada Members receive Six bi-monthly MVPA publication "History in Motion" via economy airmail. (Canadian mailing address only)

If you would like to purchase this as a gift membership please call MVPA-HQ (800) 365-5798 or (816) 833-6872. Or email to HQ@MVPA.ORG the name, address and email address of the person you wish to purchase a membership for. We will set up their information screen and notify you that a payment can be made online.


Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:12/1/2023Referred By:11/30/2024
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