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Trauma and Dissociation in Children Series Part I: Behavioral Impacts
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Trauma and Dissociation in Children DVD Series Part I: Behavioral Impacts

Topics include: Children's Response to Trauma; Triggers; Behavioral Impacts; The Power of Parents; The Dissociative Defense; Beyond Normal Forgetting; Parental Trauma History
Abuse and neglect can have profound effects on children's neurological development, and on their behaviors.  The often devastating impacts of trauma on children's sense of self, on thei rability to regulate their emotions, and on thei rcapacity to talk about what has happened to them can pose major challenges for child protection professionals.
In this video series, leaders in the field of trauma and dissociaton come together with experts on interviewing children and prosecuting abuse cases to give child protection professionals a grounding in the psychological impacts of abuse, and equip them wiht better tools for working with traumatized children.  The series includes research on children's recantation and inconsistent accounts.


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