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Change - Faculty Writings
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In April, 2011, IRI Clinical Instructors were asked to create a series of articles on the topic of “Change” as a fund-raiser to support faculty projects such as research and the development of scholarly material archives to be made available to the community. The articles explore how to change or how to support change in clients, evaluating change, and challenging us to see change as a construct of an individual paradigm. This publication is gathering of these articles and a celebration of the Faculty of the Imago International Institute.

The book is 104 pages in length. Below is the complete list of articles and authors who have contributed to Change.

  • Change by Ljiljana Bastaic
  • A Paradox of Change in Psychotherapy by Ben Cohen, Ph. D
  • A Memoir of Change: Getting Better With Age by Sunny Shulkin, LCSW and Mark Shulkin, MD
  • How Does Change Happen? By Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph. D.
  • Change from a Relational Perspective by Rick Stolp, Ph.D.
  • Musings on a Theory of Change and Transformation, or the Green Paint Theory of Change by Nedra Fetterman, Ph.D.
  • Energy and the Mystery of Change by Marcia Ferstenfeld, M.A.
  • My Imago View of Change by Gene Shelly, M.Div.
  • Change: a choice for self-awareness in the dance with the other by Kobus van der Merwe
  • How “Keeping the Love You Find” Leads to “Getting The Love You Want” by Carol Kramer-Slepian, CSW, edited by Alicia Muñoz
  • Change by Wade Luquet, Ph. D.
  • The Miracle of Change by Mo Therese Hannah, Ph. D.
  • Radical Change by Maureen Brine, Reg. N., ICADC
  • Change and Transformation in Relationships by Britt Eriksson & Helge Poulsen
  • Six Pillars of Change by Bruce Crapuchettes, Ph. D., and Francine Beauvoir, Ph. D.
  • Change – the Hero’s Journey by Maya Kollman, MA
  • Inviting Change by Bringing Back the Positive at the Core of the Relationship by Antoinette Liechti Maccarone, MA, MS
  • People of Appreciation by Rebecca Sears, M. Div., LPC
  • Change – A Developmental Process by Mike Borash, M.S. Ed.
  • Ideas for research on Change in Imago by Wendy Palmer Patterson & Carin Wolfe
  • Evaluating Change in Imago Relationships Therapy by Sophie Slade, Ph. D.
  • Change in the Relational Paradigm by Brenda Rawlings, BSW, MNZAC
  • The Imago Dialogue as a Platform for Cultural Change in Israeli Men by Leora Grunhaus, Orli Wahrman, and Orit Admon Schiffer
  • Men Supporting Men in Relationship Change by Peter McMillan, BA, MGuidCouns, DipTchg, MNZAC
  • Appendix A: 2010 Clinical Update: Change – Part II by Wendy Palmer Patterson, M.S.W., LCSW, LMFT and Faculty
  • Appendix B: Progress Self-Rating Scale (Sophie Slade, Ph.D. Evaluating Change)