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Analytics of the ISBSG Development and Enhancement Repository
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The purpose of this publication is to provide its users with helpful function point-based statistics and benchmarks from the August 2021 version of the ISBSG database based on IFPUG function point data submitted by volunteers worldwide. (The analytics will not include SNAP points because there are insufficient SNAP point application data submitted to ISBSG at the time of this publication.) These detail much of what is in the ISBSG database. They can illustrate what users may find in their databases. For those without developed databases, these statistics and benchmarks can serve as useful benchmarks and expectations.


ISBSG and IFPUG caveat these statistics and conclusions in this way. These statistical analyses are based on data sent into ISBSG on a voluntary basis, and may not necessarily represent the situation for a particular organization. The recommendation is for individual organizations to derive similar statistics for themselves to generate their own models and methods.


All data was analyzed confidentially, meaning that the name of the organizations submitting the data was never revealed to the developers of this publication.


This publication is not intended to be read as a “novel” per se, but as a reference report. Therefore, we relax some degree of academic formality so some descriptions and references will be repeated in various places to aid in local understanding and readability.


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