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Webinar - Your Website Does Have to Be Accessible…Strategies for Compliance (2020)
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Ashley Burns, Account Manager, Promet Source
Andrew Kucharski, President, Promet Source
John N. McGovern, JD, Partner, Principal in Charge, Accessibility Practice, WT Group

Especially today in our coronavirus world, where we are all at home and online, websites must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This webinar will review the ADA mandate for websites, website enforcement decisions, and a look at the technical aspects of website compliance. As always, we will suggest some prudent risk management steps for Florida parks and recreation agencies on this topic. Companies are reacting by limiting travel, canceling or postponing large events, replacing in-person events with virtual ones. Is access to services and information available to all people, or just those without disabilities that change the way they use the web?

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will understand the ADA requirements for websites.
2. Participantswill review the ways in which a noncompliant website fails for people with disabilities.
3. Participantswill understand the technical solutions that enhance website compliance.
4. Participantswill learn how to prioritize and address key areas and functions of their digital properties, to make the most impact on accessibility right now (or near term?)
5. Participants will learn how to plan for achieving and maintaining ADA compliant digital properties going.

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