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A Compilation of Micrographs on Wood and Wood Products (#7225)
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Preparing a sample of wood for microscopic examination is as much an art as it is a science. Anyone who has examined a thin section of wood under a microscope realizes that the cellular structure observed can readily be referred to as "cellular architecture." The purpose of this compilation by Norman P. Kutscha is to illustrate some of the better or more interesting micrographs of wood and wood products he has observed; secondly, to illustrate a few examples of how the microscopic examination of wood and wood products can help diagnose and solve problems related to the development or manufacture of wood products; and finally, to list selected references.

This compilation will be of interest to wood products mills trying to solve process problems or dealing with customer complaints; wood products researchers trying to develop new or improved wood products; wood scientists and anatomists who have examined wood and wood products at the microscopic level; and the general public, including those who work with wood, those who do not, and those who have never seen a piece of wood under a microscope.

A CD-ROM of the images is also included.

Copyright 2007, 8-1/2 by 11 softcover, 98 pages, #7225