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BestPossible Profits: Guidebook for Forest Products Companies (#7245)
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The author of this guidebook, Dr. Eugene L. Bryan, has nearly 40 years of experience in computer-based systems and management services that help company managers coordinate the use of raw materials, production capabilities, and market opportunities to achieve optimum (BestPossible) profits. Part One presents insights and concepts, management tools, and the guidance systems companies need to understand in order to meet challenges and capture opportunities on the way to achieving BestPossible profits. Part Two outlines opportunity-based management principles and describes how companies can use optimization technology to produce departmental “roadmaps” to ensure that management efforts culminate in BestPossible profits. Included is a discussion on how to use internal benchmarking to track progress, minimize slippage, and document accomplishments. Part Three looks to the future and describes what a company must do to continually improve its BestPossible profit picture and thus have uninterrupted access to fresh opportunities. The entire forest products industry is on a high-tech journey into the future. Managers who are learning to use high-tech management tools to identify and manage complexity are leading this journey. This guidebook was written for such managers and others who wish to follow their lead.

Copyright 2003, 6 by 9 hardcover, 212 pages, #7245