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A Guide to More Useful Woods of the World (#7228)
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Continuing with the great information available in A Guide to Useful Woods of the World, this book, edited by James H. Flynn, Jr., features an additional 71 species of wood bringing the total of published Wood Data Sheets to 350. For each species highlighted, information is presented on the scientific name, family name, common name, distribution, the tree, the timber, seasoning, durability, workability, uses, and supplies. In addition there is a line drawing of a key botanical feature, a photomicrograph of the wood end grain, and a color photograph of a sample of the wood.

Also included in A Guide to More Useful Woods of the World are articles by highly respected professionals in wood-related matters. Articles included are:

  • Simple Wood Microtomy by Ernie Ives;
  • Marquetry: A Definition and Brief History by Siegfried Klotsche;
  • Forests and Trees of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula by Alan B. Curtis;
  • International Trading in Timber Over the Years by Richard Crow;
  • Aromatic Woods: Their Products and Uses by Robert Goldsack;
  • Wood Darkening and Mineralization – The Aging and Ebonizing Process by Eugene Dimitriadis;
  • Fluorescent Woods of the World by Regis B. Miller; and
  • Identification of Wood by Chemical Fingerprinting by Mihaly Czako.
  • In addition, Richard Crow’s detailed articles provide a general overview of the most commonly used woods: Oaks of the World: Bona Fide and So-Called Flora; Cedar: Pharaoh of Woods; World’s Ebony Species, Black Woods; Mahoganies: Other “Kings of Timber”; Pining for More Information About Pinus; and Collecting an Ancient World of Bog Oak.

A combined common name and scientific name index is included along with a family name index.

Copyright 2007, 6 by 9 softcover, 376 pages, #7228