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Identification of Central American Woods (#7215)
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Responsible use of natural resources is one goal of all professionals who work with or trade in wood. Complying with national (Lacey Act amendment) and international (CITES) requirements is one part of such responsible use, and this book facilitates compliance by teaching the user the basic principles of wood identification with tools no more complicated than a hand lens and a utility knife. While the identification key and species description pages are targeted to Central American timbers, the wood characters and overall process of identification described in the book are applicable to most woods across the world. As such, the book represents a bilingual (Spanish/English) primer on wood structure for wood identification, using commercial Central American timbers as the frame of reference.

•Field manual for untrained users

•Bilingual, written for field use in Central America, but applicable to Central American imports to the U.S.

•Multiple images per species, to represent variation within the species

•Condensed, fully-illustrated terminology