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Recording: 2020 Energizer: Regulatory 101
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EBA's Practices Steering Committee presents a half-day program on Monday, December 7, 2020 from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (ET). 

A broad and practical education program that will feature FERC agency senior staffers and state PUC regulatory practitioners providing insight into how these agencies are structured, the various matters under their respective jurisdiction, the ways in which these agencies take action, opportunities for stakeholder engagement, and how to communicate effectively with agency staff.

Agenda is in EST - more information coming soon


Speaker Bios

1:00 - 2:00: Regulatory Commissions:  Federal vs. States

Discussion will address how FERC and state PUCs are organized, and how they operate, including scope of their respective jurisdiction over various industries and activities, and an overview of what functions they regulate. In addition, panelists will discuss how FERC and state PUC commissioners are appointed, the length of their terms, and any limitations on political party affiliation, among other things.  Finally, policy development is a key component of any agency.  Hear from agency experts regarding the how policy initiatives are developed and pursued, including the role of FERC’s Office of Energy Policy and Innovation in the Commission’s policymaking activities.

Namazi,_Jonathan Christiansen,_Matthew greenfield,_Lawrence Eric_Ciccoretti FrisbyR_HS Cragg,_Brian Smith,_Holly_Rachel
Jonathan Namazi
Attorney- Advisor
Office of the General Counsel
Matthew Christiansen
Legal Advisor, Commissioner Glick
Larry Greenfield
Associate General Counsel, Energy Markets-1​
Office of the General Counsel
Eric Ciccoretti
Office of Energy Policy and Innovation
H. Russell Frisby, Jr.
Stinson LLP
Brian Cragg
Goodin, MacBride, Squeri & Day LLP
Holly Rachel Smith
Director, Market & Compliance
Texas Retail Energy/Power4All LTD


2:00 - 3:00: Typical regulatory processes in place at State & Federal levels (what used for; how work, from petition/filing, through appeal)

Discussion will focus on the various formal and informal avenues for agency action at the FERC and state PUC levels, including through rulemaking and adjudicatory proceedings, and the most common types of filings and proceedings before these agencies.  Participants will gain an understanding of the agency rulemaking process, and the role of industry stakeholders (e.g., state agencies, consumer’s counsel/advocates, industry groups, citizens coalitions, others) in agency proceedings.  Discussion also will cover the rehearing process at FERC and at state PUCs, as well as the orientation and approach of FERC Trial Staff to dispute resolution and thoughts about effective ways to work with Trial Staff to achieve settlements efficiently.

avatar-blank mindisauter Kroeger,_John avatar-blank Sattler,_Spencer Greene,_Brian
Traci Bone
Attorney for the
Public Advocates Office

California Public
Utilities Commission

Mindi Sauter
Legal Advisor,
Commissioner Chatterjee


John Kroeger
Office of Administrative Litigation
Holly Cafer
Associate General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
Spencer Sattler
Assistant Attorney General
Michigan PSC
Brian R. Greene
Managing Member
GreeneHurlocker, PLC


3:00 - 4:00: ​Meetings with Commissioners & Staff; Ex Parte Rules; Other Ethical considerations

Discussion will focus on what is a prohibited off-the-record communication between a FERC employee or official, and members of the public, and how to avoid such communications.  This includes discussion of relevant ex parte rules in place at FERC.  In addition, speakers will discuss the role and importance of pre-filing meetings with industry, as well as what staff and the Commissioners find helpful in meetings with the energy industry, and what may be counter-productive.

Trotta,_Jon Charles_Beamon avatar-blank avatar-blank
Jon Trotta
Stinson LLP
Charles Beamon
Designated Agency Ethics Official
& Associate General Counsel
General and Administrative Law

Office of the General Counsel
Linda L. Randell​
Attorney and Consultant
Matthew Estes
Senior Legal Advisor
Chairman Danly





The Energy Bar Association is not applying for CLE for this program. If you'd like to self-apply, EBA will send you a certificate of attendance for your records. Please email Mary Margaret Frank at to request your certificate of attendance.