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Giant King (cd), The
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Proceeds from the sale of each book support CWLA and Makumbi Children's Home* for AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe.

Product Code: 1415
ISBN: 9781587601415
Author: Kathleen T. Pelley
Published 2010
Format: CD

Beautifully narrated by the author, Kathleen T. Pelley.

Some people say he works from his heart, carving "not what is, but what could be." When Rabbie goes to a distant town to sell his carvings, he finds the town besieged by a fierce and destructive giant. The townspeople despair, but Rabbie suggests that if the giant were treated like a king, he might behave like one. Readers will be charmed by the message of this heartwarming Scottish fable: that what is loved will reveal its loveliness.

Total running time: 11:24.

Also available as a hardcover book. 

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