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Child Welfare Journal Vol. 100 No. 1 (Digital PDF)
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From the Editor: ‘Why are All the Kids Black and All the Staff White?’: Anti-racism Work in Child Welfare


Introduction: Transforming Child Welfare through Anti-Racist Approaches


Approaches from Related Fields to Integrate Anti-racist Initiatives into Child Welfare

Anita P. Barbee, Andrew M. Winters and Emma M. Sterrett-Hong


Racial Disproportionality and Disparity in Child Welfare: A Problem With ‘Bias’ in the Research

Reiko Boyd


Investing in Families through Economic Supports: An Anti-racist Approach to Supporting Families and Reducing Child Welfare Involvement

Alexandra Citrin, Megan Martin and Clare Anderson


Beyond Human-centered Design: The Promise of Antiracist Community-centered Approaches in Child Welfare Program and Policy Design

Sonya Soni, Jessica Mason and Jermeen Sherman


‘Our Agency Doesn’t Like to Use the Word Racism Let Alone Talk about It’: Firsthand Stories of Workplace Racism in Child Welfare

Sreyashi Chakravarty and Catherine K. Lawrence


‘They Don’t Understand Us and are Afraid of Us’: Black Social Workers’ Perspectives on the Role of Anti-Blackness within Foster Care Service Provision to Black Children

Dominique Mikell Montgomery


Aunties, Uncles, Me Maws, and Play Cousins: Exploring Trends in Formal Kinship Care for Black Families in Texas

Sherri Y. Simmons-Horton, Tanya N. Rollins, Richard Harris and Ashley Blackmore