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Damon Brown, and Jeanette Hurt spoke to podcast curator/host Estelle Erasmus for ASJA Direct, about their new book  The Passive Writer: 5 Steps to Earning Money in Your Sleep 

Damon Brown helps side hustlers, solopreneurs, and other non-traditional entrepreneurs bloom. He co-founded the popular platonic connection app Cuddlr and led it to acquisition within a year, all while being the primary caretaker of his infant first son. He now guides others through his consulting/coaching, popular online bootcamp , regular column, and public speaking on platforms including TED. Damon’s most recent book is The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, the latest in his best-selling Bite-Sized Entrepreneur series.

Award-winning author Jeanette Hurt explores culture through the lens of food and drink. Whether she’s delving into the history of gin and tonics, developing healthy yet tasty burger recipes or biking through the back roads of the Loire Valley, Jeanette takes readers on a delicious journey that inspires them to create a good life. She has written for dozens of publications about food, drink and travel, including The Four Seasons Magazine,, Wine Enthusiast, and

In the podcast they covered:

*What led them to write the book The Passive Writer. 

*The key takeaway messages of the book

*How they recommend writers assess their skills to figure out what they should create passive income on

*The financial breakdown that people should be looking for: passive vs. active income

*The best way to create a single passive income stream

*If people teach or coach writing what is the number one thing they should be doing to set themselves up for success, re generating passive income?