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Kyle Pope is the Editor/Publisher of The Columbia Journalism Review (CJRat the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Before joining CJR, he held top posts at The Wall Street Journal, where he spent a decade as an editor and foreign correspondent, at Condé Nast, and at The New York Observer. His work has been published in The New York TimesThe Los Angeles TimesThe New Republic and elsewhere. In the summer of 2017, he testified before Congress's Judiciary Committee on threats to the press.

In this podcast, Kyle talks to  Estelle Erasmus about:

* The origin of CJR, it's reader's demographics, and it's mission.

* Opportunities for freelance writers (including payment)

* What he looks for in pitches and how writer's can contact him.

* His main role as editor/publisher.

* The state of the industry, and whether he thinks publications will eventually all go digital

* His thoughts on the repercussions from the tariff on out-of-country newsprint

* Advice on what freelance writer organizations (such as ASJA) can do to protect free speech

* His feelings on "Fake News" and Facebook

* The future of longform journalism

Find CJR on twitter and subscribe to the CJR podcast here