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Show Notes for ASJA Direct Podcast with HuffPost Personal Editor, Emily McCombs

Emily McCombs is the Deputy Editor of HuffPost Personal. She previously helped launch and served as the Executive Editor of She has been writing and editing personal essays for over a decade, and has been published in Cosmopolitan,, BUST Magazine, The Washington Post, Elle,, Maxim, Elite Daily, Yahoo Beauty and of course HuffPost and You can follow her on Instagram at @emilymccombs and on Twitter at @msemilymccombs

In the podcast she covered:

  • Who are the readers for the Personals column for Huffington Post?
  • The kinds of essays or articles that work best for the section and why?
  • Whether she prefers pitches or complete essays?
  • What makes Huffpo Personals different than other essay columns in publication?
  • The optimum word count, the rights they hold, and the pay range.
  • Submission tips.
  • How to submit.