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Tyler Moss is editor-in-chief of Writer’s Digest, a national magazine for professional and aspirational writers that has celebrated the “Writing Life” since 1920. While at WD, he’s interviewed such notable authors as George Saunders, Andy Weir, Scott Turow, Rainbow Rowell and Heather Graham.

Before WD, Tyler was the online editor of Family Tree Magazine. He is a regular contributor to Conde Nast Traveler, and his articles have been published by The Atlantic, New York, Outside, DRAFT, Salon, MentalFloss, Atlas ObscuraPasteVICE, Playboy and more.

In this podcast, Tyler Moss, the new Editor-in-Chief of Writer’s Digest talks to Estelle Erasmus about:

  • The mission of Writer’s Digest
  • What he does on a typical day
  • What he looks for in a submission or pitch
  • Does he prefer a completed piece or a pitch?
  • The best way to contact WD
  • His favorite topics to cover?
  • What he’d like to see more of in the publication?
  • Opportunities for freelance writers to break in
  • Payment and rights
  • His pet peeves as an editor
  • What makes a must-read article
  • Exciting news for Writer’s Digest

Read Estelle Erasmus supplemental  interview with Tyler Moss here. Other supplemental  editor interviews are here.  

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