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Show Notes for Judith Newman

Judith Newman is the author of the bestseller To Siri With Love:  A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines, a collection of illuminating stories about life with fourteen-year-old boy with autism.  The New York Times called it “an uncommonly riotous and moving book…with whipsaws of brilliant zingers and heart punches.”  The Washington Post called Newman “a gifted personal essayist, her warmth and wit recalling Nora Ephron’s.”  Previous books include You Make Me Feel Like An Unnatural Woman:  Diary of a New (Old) Mother, about her adventures in the world of infertility.

In addition to books and personal essays, Judith writes for magazines about entertainment, science, business, beauty, health, and popular culture.  Her work and celebrity interviews are featured in a variety of publications from The New York Times and Vanity Fair to Prevention, AARP, and National Geographic.  She regularly reviews books for People and the Times, and writes the "Help Desk" column in The New York Times Book Review.  She is a contributing editor for Allure and Prevention, and has been widely anthologized. 

In this podcast, journalist and author, Judith Newman talks to Estelle Erasmus about the following:

  • Her path to publication for To Siri with Love
  • What she covers as a columnist for the New York Times Sunday Book Review
  • The stories she is proudest of
  • How she handled the vitriol from the autism community after her book was published
  • Advice for writers
  • The future of publishing