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Continuing Education - 2017 ROI Standards: In-Store Marketing Materials
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Education Credit: MaRC - Research PDU
Credit Amount: 0.5
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2017 Shop! ROI Standards:
In-Store Marketing Materials

A Shop! White Paper and quiz


Course Description
Companies invest large amounts of money in displays and other marketing materials designed to trigger purchases at the POP. To yield a ROI, these in-store materials must be developed and implemented effectively with an on-target marketing strategy. In this Shop! White Paper, a group of shopper marketing industry leaders from brands, retailers, and POP producers, delivers guidelines for developing effective POP materials, improving compliance, and calculating ROI. The White Paper also describes marketing strategies that will help seal the deal at the first moment of truth.


Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Identify 10 guidelines for developing effective in-store marketing materials.
  2. Identify the four elements that influence compliance.
  3. Identify guidelines for improving compliance.
  4. Understand the three baseline sets of data that figure into the ROI equation.
  5. Identify and apply POP display/materials strategies for accomplishing marketing goals.

Credits: Successful completion of this course will provide current Shop! MaRC holders with 0.5 PDU in Research towards their tri-annual recertification.


Course Length: 30 Minutes
Course components: Journal of Shopper Research article, 10-question quiz
Shop! Value Cycle Focus: Phase 1 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Research
MaRC Recertification Credit: 0.5 MaRC – Research PDU


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