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Continuing Education - Multimedia Marketing at the Point of Purchase
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Education Credit: MaRC - Market PDU
Credit Amount: 1
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Multimedia Marketing at the Point of Purchase

Enhancing the CX and Triggering Purchases

Course Description
The point of purchase is the most important point in the customer journey. The consumer is in shopper mode and ready to make a purchase. And now, the in-store marketing materials are the final opportunity for the brand and retailer to influence the customer’s purchasing decision. At the same time, these marketing materials can also help build a memorable and engaging customer experience that will inspire customer loyalty. This course will examine how digital signage, interactive displays, and mobile technologies at the point of purchase enhance the customer experience and trigger purchasing. The course focuses on Phase 4 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Market. 

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
1:    Identify the current shopper and retailer trends that are impacting the point of purchase.
2:    Identify the typical strategies and goals of in-store marketing materials.
3:    Identify the seven categories of customer needs that should be targeted in marketing content
4:    Identify and distinguish among the three major types of electronic marketing materials at the point of purchase and describe how each enhances the customer experience
5:    Recognize rules and guidelines for digital display content design
6:    Understand how digital displays operate within networks
7:    Define augmented reality, virtual reality, and second screen as applied to interactive displays
8:    Identify the common features of mobile shopping apps and describe how iBeacons operate

Credits: Successful completion of the Multimedia Marketing at POP course will provide current Shop! MaRC holders with 1 PDU in Market towards their tri-annual recertification.

Course Length: 60 Minutes
Course Components: Webinar and quiz based on webinar
Shop! Value Cycle Focus: Phase 4 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Market
MaRC Recertification Credit: 1 MaRC – Market PDU


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