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Governmental Affairs Fund
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AIBD is working diligently on behalf of designers and the construction industry.  For years it has represented us in the code arena and in the public eye. 

Just this year AIBD worked with the NAHB to clarify and preserve the right for building designers to design Townhouses.  Several jurisdictions are interpreting the code to separate townhomes from the exempted work that AIBD certified designers practice daily.  It also participates in the building code review and submittal process.  AIBD is submitting several code revisions to secure again our right to work and better define our place in the industry.  Our efforts will continue as other jurisdictions attempt the same actions.

As a professional association and as individual practitioners, we will always be faced with regulatory changes and threats to our right to practice.

I ask you, friends of our great association, to contribute any amount comfortable to our advocacy efforts. Contribute either as an individual or supporting supplier or manufacturer; we need your support to continue our efforts.  Your contribution will not be tax deductible, but it will help to preserve and enhance our beloved profession. 

As to our membership, I challenge you to help us grow a Governmental Affairs Fund with the money earmarked for building code oversight and regulatory advocacy.  I will personally start with a $300.00 donation.  Your matching donation or any derivative thereof will be much appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration,

Karen Kassik-Michelsohn, FAIBD, CPBD

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