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Principles and Practices for Diesel Contaminated Soils, Volume 6, 1-884940-15-3
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Edited by Christopher P.L. Barkan, Edward J. Calabrese, and Paul T. Kostecki
1997, 120 pp. ISBN 1-884940-15-3

This volume is part of a 6-volume series (volumes 2-7) containing the Proceedings from the annual Symposium on Remediation of Diesel Fuel Contaminated Soils, sponsored by the Association for the American Railroads Research and Test Department. The topics covered have broad applicability. Articles are based on presentations at the symposia, and go well beyond railroad sites and issues. The series brings into focus issues relating to the remediation of diesel contaminated soils, with an emphasis on bioremediation. The six volumes span the nineties, tracing the rapid and significant developments in the field that have occurred in response to regulatory changes regarding underground storage tanks and the protection of groundwater.


The papers presented in volume 6 are intended to help the reader find solutions to the problems faced at cleanup sites contaminated with diesel fuel and related hydrocarbons. The increasing trend toward risk-based approaches has created a multitude of new options to be considered in determining what cleanup criteria fit the circumstances at each site. A greater variety of scientific and engineering information now often have to be considered than under the old, arbitrary cleanup standard paradigm.



Application of a Health-Based Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Method at Former U.S. Military Bases (Elliot A. Sigal, Christine E. Moore, Lois A. Haighton, Glenn M. Ferguson, Laura C. Mucklow, and Robert F. Willes)

Four-Year Bioventing Demonstration Results in Closure of Vadose Zone Soils (John W. Ratz, Douglas C. Downey, and Peter R. Guest)

Case Study: Interferences with TPH Analyses of Grab Groundwater Samples (Gary R. Foote, Dawn A. Zemo, Susan M. Gallardo, Michael J. Grant, Bradley T. Benson, and James E. Bruya )

Case Study: Recycling Contaminated Soils into High Stability Asphalt Concrete at a California Rail Intermodal Facility (M. E. Hardin, Gordon F. Dickson, and Donald M. Matthews)

Rapid, Low-Cost Cleanup of Diesel-Contaminated Soil: A Synopsis of Three Successful Bioventing Applications (David A. Nickerson and James N. Baker)

TPH Panel Discussion (W. Weisman, I. Rhodes, D. Nakles, J. Gustafson, J. Tell, D. Shumaker, and R. Andes)

Comparison of Analytical Methods for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil (Remediation Technologies, Inc.)