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Principles and Practices for Diesel Contaminated Soils, Volume 3, 1-884940-01-3
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Edited by Paul T. Kostecki, Edward J. Calabrese and Christopher P.L. Barkan
1994, 241 pp., ISBN: 1-884940-01-3

This volume is part of a 6-volume series (volumes 2-7) containing the Proceedings from the annual Symposium on Remediation of Diesel Fuel Contaminated Soils, sponsored by the Association for the American Railroads Research and Test Department. The topics covered have broad applicability. Articles are based on presentations at the symposia, and go well beyond railroad sites and issues. The series brings into focus issues relating to the remediation of diesel contaminated soils, with an emphasis on bioremediation. The six volumes span the nineties, tracing the rapid and significant developments in the field that have occurred in response to regulatory changes regarding underground storage tanks and the protection of groundwater.


One of the objectives of volume 3 is to provide the reader with the methods and results of approaches that have been used at a wide variety of sites, cleaning up contaminants of interest to the railroads such as diesel and related compounds. The general need to cleanup petroleum hydrocarbons such as weathered diesel and other heavy hydrocarbons leads to a related issue, which is the risk posed by these materials. Timelines and disturbance resulting from site cleanup on railroad property are also discussed.


Health-Based Cleanup for Diesel Contaminated Soil -- A Case Study of the No-Action Remedial Alternative for an Underground Storage Tank Site (X.P. Mahini)

Update on the Derivation of an Oral Reference Dose for Diesel Fuel No. 2. (J.E. Ryer-Powder and M.J. Sullivan)

Viability of Hydraulic Sweeping of Bunker C and Diesel Fuel from Alluvial Sediments (P.D. Kuhlmeier and M.J. Grant)

Results of a Pilot Study for Aboveground Bioremediation of Number 2 Diesel Fuel Contaminated Soils (P.R. Guest, K.A. Friesen and E.K. Gordon)

Ex-Situ Remediation of Diesel Contaminated Railroad Sand by Soil Washing (J. Baker, J.J. Clark and J.T. Stanford)

A Field Evaluation of Remediating and Recycling Railroad Ballast Using a Modified Soil Washing Technique (L.J. Lozano and M.N. Guentzel)

Use of Bio-Slurry in the Construction of a Diesel Recovery Trench (M. Hardin, B. Fronczak, G. Henderson and J. Bordelon)

Biological Soil Recycling in a Fixed Facility: A Railroad's Perspective (M.R. Murphy, J. Novitsky and S.G. McMahon)

Soil Remediation in Railroad Yards, How Clean Is Clean? (M.A. Troy and J.L. Brown)

Soils with High Levels of Chlorides at a Superfund Site (D. Clark and T.P. Wippold)

Bioremediation of a Diesel Fuel Spill -- An Interim Report (M. Martin and D. Anson II)

An Investigation of Potential Methods to Enhance In Situ Bioremediation of Diesel Fuel (G.D. Naugle, R.J. Sterrett, J.W. Meldrum and M.L. Burda).