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“AED’s Rental Companion Report Bundle is a supplement to the Cost of Doing Business Report, presenting a detailed analysis of rental practices from the equipment distribution industry. This new bundle includes both the Rental Report itself and the Equipment Distributor Rental Operations Benchmarking Practices.

Based on confidential surveys completed by AED distributors, the Rental Report includes a compilation and analysis of rental financial and operations data segmented by sales volume by type, line of business, regions (based on climate), and a special grouping of “High Profit” dealers. This year’s Rental Report provides a specialized focus on common rental practices within the industry.

Also included in the bundle, the Benchmarking Practices provide readers with a more simplified compendium of our aggregated data. Essentially, this is a breakdown of the findings of our Rental Report in plain English, giving you tangible information and solutions for your business moving forward. You can expect to find detailed financial figures, critical analysis, interesting forecasts and much more!”