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100 Year Anniversary Issue
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AED Looks Back on 100 Years

Courage and gumption. These are honestly the two best words to describe how AED members have managed to survive and thrive for more than 100 years. The Association deserves similar recognition for doing a phenomenal job of shepherding its members through both good and bad times.

This anniversary issue is a marvelous walk through American history. And our tour guides were delightful off the charts – from octogenarian past presidents to current members of AED, all were welcoming and gracious hosts. One notable example was 1970 AED President Dick Schumacher, who was 101 when we interviewed him, and still as sharp as a tack.

The industry that effectively built this country has endured many trials over the years. From the Great Depression to world wars and the economic crisis of the ’80s, AED members have found a way to endure. The Association too has been unwavering since its inception, constantly finding ways to navigate challenges that are thrown its way.

In short, this special edition illustrates the stories of ordinary men who organized themselves and fought for what they believed in, and how that led to extraordinary results.

There are many time periods described in these pages when the country felt just as it does now, like nothing will ever be as it was before. But AED’s incredible longevity is proof that man can navigate seemingly insurmountable obstacles and overcome. This magazine details those lessons of history.

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